Do any of these statements describe you or someone you love?

- I am afraid of people becoming aware of my gender, sexual orientation, attractions, relationship(s), or sexual experiences.

- I am attracted to someone, a few, some, or only people of my gender.

- I am in, or want, a same-gender relationship or marriage.

- I am gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, curious, or heteroflexible.

- I feel like a different gender than what i appear to be to most people.

- I am transgender, intersex, or androgynous.

- I don't fit into a "traditional" gender role or the role other people think i should have.

- I do not want to ever get married.

- I do not want close relationships, only casual ones.

- I enjoy casual sex at least on occasion.

- I/we enjoy swinging/. I/we enjoy swapping. I/we enjoy threesomes. I/we enjoy group sex.

- I/we are polygamous or want a polygamous marriage.

- I am polyamorous.

- I am in, or want, a polyamorous relationship.

- I am seeing a polyamorous person.

- I am in, or want, a polyamorous relationship.

- I am seeing a polyamorous person.

- I/we have, or want, an open relationship/marriage.

- I am attracted to, or want to have sex with a family member or close relative (an in-law, step-relation, adopted relation, half-blood relative, full-blood relative or cousin).

- I am in a sexual relationship with, or want a sexual relationship with a family member or close relative.

- I want to marry a family member or close relative, or have our existing marriage legally recognized

- I have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction or a strong attraction to a close genetic relative i was not raised with, or i didn't raise, or who didn't raise me.

- I am in, or want a consensual incestuous relationship with another adult.

If any of these apply to you, I am willing to be your friend here or on Facebook and/or talk with you via private message even though your own family or other people you know might not understand or accept you. I am networking to support the rights of ALL adults.