There are many books throughout the years that have a touch of consanguinamory in them. Some are negative, some are positive, some are neutral. I have found one particular set of books to be both positive, non judgemental, and sensitive to the private struggles that consanguinamorous people may find themselves having to deal with. I lovingly refer to them as "The Forbidden Flower Series". 

These are books of fiction so there is an interesting story line with wonderful characters. These are NOT erotica novels. Which, I personally feel make them even better because I get tired of consanguinamory being used as a fetish in erotica, but that is my personal opinion of course. I highly endorse them, and felt they deserved their own page on my site.

The books are named Love's Forbidden Flower and it's sequel Time's Forbidden Flower. They are written by Diane Rinella. They are available on Amazon as well as on her personal website. And they are available in paperback as well as ebooks. I have links to her site on my links page. So if you like a good read, I highly recommend them.

"The Forbidden Flower Series"